Are you facing serious jail time, losing your driver’s license, or even going to prison for a DUI arrest on Indianapolis’ streets? Call an Indianapolis OWI lawyer immediately and take the necessary steps to defend yourself against a possible conviction. A DUI conviction on a motor vehicle charge is a serious matter. If you are charged with a driving under the influence offense, you must take appropriate action and seek legal advice from a reputable law firm that has experience handling cases such as yours. You are innocent until proven guilty, so take immediate action now and hire an experienced Indianapolis DUI attorney.

Penalties Associated with an OWI Conviction

The penalties associated with a DUI conviction in Indianapolis are not pretty. Even minor offenses carry jail time, fines, and even mandatory community service. In fact, many times the only option for an individual is to accept the penalties and pay them off in full before being eligible to enter the program. In some states the sentence imposed is rehabilitation, while in other cases, incarceration may be ordered. If you are convicted of a drunk driving offense, you may be required to go to rehab and participate in various programs.


When you are looking for an Indianapolis DUI lawyer, you want one who knows the laws and the specifics of the crime. You also want to make sure that your lawyer is an expert in criminal law, DUI defense, and drug crimes. You also need someone who has experience handling criminal cases in the region. If you hire an attorney who is unfamiliar with the area of your DUI charge, he/she could very well represent you in court, lose your case, and get no jail time or fines. If your attorney has a strong understanding of the local laws and procedures in your particular city, he/she will be able to represent you effectively and successfully.

Hire an Experienced DUI Attorney

An experienced DUI defense attorney will know how to present your case in court and present it in a way that will not only help you overcome your DUI charge, but will also help the judge and the jury come to the right conclusion when they come down to deciding whether to impose a penalty or not. If you are charged with a driving under the influence, it is crucial to hire the best Indianapolis DUI lawyer that you can find. to ensure a successful resolution. Once your case is in the hands of the legal system, it is imperative that you hire an attorney that has extensive knowledge of your local laws in order to protect your rights and to due process and an effective outcome in court.

Several Important Factors

There are several important factors that need to be considered in hiring an Indianapolis DUI lawyer. For example, your case needs to be handled with care, and your lawyer needs to understand what is involved in a DUI case. It is also important that your attorney is aware of local rules and regulations as they pertain to DUI defense in order to effectively argue your case.

Do Not Fight a DUI on Your Own

You have the right to effective representation and to an adequate defense when it comes to fighting a driving under the influence offense. Do not attempt to fight a case on your own when you don’t fully understand the legal issues and do not understand the importance of your rights as a criminal defendant. Your case is your responsibility, so make sure that you hire the right attorney to make sure your rights are protected by a competent defense. When you hire an Indianapolis DUI attorney, you are ensuring that you are getting the best legal representation in your case and that you receive the best results in court.